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She’s hot, and intelligent.

I hope her kids do the same thing to her 😂😂😂 are you drunk? Mom the real question is why people drink so much soda? we don’t talk enough about the obsety problem in our country due to soda. the real issue is why did I have to mix alcohol in my soda so there would be less sugar.

I’ve been loving your videos but I have to say this was by far my least favorite. Mainly because you defined the word in question quickly and without much effort, failing to acknowledge that the viewer having a firm grasp on the meaning of the word is the foundation for the entire video. I spent the whole time unsure and guessing about its meaning rather than enjoying the content the way you meant it. I think in the future an additional 20-30 seconds spent on a term or idea that isn’t commonplace would be worth it.

Damn I wish you were my econ instructor=(

I wonder what option did that student chose?

Well done, now I finally know something about the game you want me to back, and I like it. All that is left to do now is to add a few worthwhile, digital early access pledge tiers and I will probably throw my money at you once more.

Is it weird that I found most of these funny, like some comics drawn by a lunatic?

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Herrejävlar, it is true! It Said about me exactly My personality!

A lo mejor de Mi litlel infernó cuando llegues hasta arriba te encuentras con el personaje de litlel inferno

Genny I appreciate that you play s. w.a. g. but i almost skipped this one. glad i didn’t. This is very similar to what i do for work. i’m a sharepoint designer which involves creating workflows that can be very similar to what this game is asking of you. i’m going to have to play it myself.

Slavic linguists will tell you that slovak language is most similar to protoslavic languages and therefore oldest of all toadays slavic languages, because it was isolated for centuries from other influences.

Twitter handle is ElvenxEyes

I come from England-Birmingham and I swear some of these English accents sound DISGUSTING

Did he just quote Lolita? That book is about a pedophile lol


Thinking of doing HRM at uni. Is it a good course to do?

Immigration/assimilation is FORCED upon ONLY White countries

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I could have used the extra 5 seconds to play counter strike…rip pasha would be mad

Subject knowledge for the relevant post

First and foremost, human bodies are a complex systems that needs to work together in harmony. Exercises geared towards improving effective functioning of a certain organ are key as opposed to doing general exercises.

Okay. Fine. Let’s skip the random, meaningless murder for a second, shall we? How about the racist, sexist, phobia soup we’ve all been drowning in because of Him?

And the fact that people have disliked this video in heart breaking

Very very good video. ty 😉 you are a awesome english teacher 😀 greetings from bavaria

And not live the lives we want to live….

Motivation is great 👍

Very helpful. thanks

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Lecturers don’t know how to teach, there is a difference in knowing something for yourself and imparting that knowledge to others

But he is not;)

I am the CEO of my life

Theirs cars that are “too fuel effective” that the government banned cause they won’t get as much $ from gas

Great video. Again.

Yeap, polish has 7 cases. 🙂

Turkish subtitle plz.

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wound himself Dr

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Young Thug For Liiife

Thank you very much. I will take onboard the voice warm ups before a big talk.

No. If technology has anything to do with what you’re talking about, it’s because instructors do not know how to effectively make use of technology to communicate with students; to blame ‘advances’ (an odd choice of words) in technology for reduced interaction when said technology has introduced multiple new mediums for communications, including those with educational applications, is hardly justifiable.

This touched me in every way.

— Unknown

01:03 why

YES YES YES YES YES!!! The word is finally out there!!! SJW’s will ruin our society if this goes on. This is not equality, this is pandering. We need to rethink our ideals and values for the future and strive for ACTUAL equality and free speech. As someone who supports different ideas of both the left and right, I believe both views should be heard; no matter what neo-Nazis, KKK or antifa do to prevent free speech.

As a 10 year old watching this, it is very hard to know all about this…. and as I am only young…I will try to make the world a better place. As little as I can help as a small kid….I’ll try as hard as I can. It’s hard to see the world like this.

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I didn’t plan on watching this entire thing but, as a person who loves acting and theatre, this is very fascinating!!

جميل 😻

This is shit


These poor children being taught discrimination and the worst part is they don’t know its wrong, just that that is the way things are.

The map is as real as JRR Tolkien’s Middle Earth. . . a mere speculation.

I totally appreciate and understand the points but how’s this not biased and in a way cheating? A truly objective scientific research is about reporting ALL, good and bad, relevant or irrelevant. Surely that’s not how it’s done in modern era but that’s not how early scientists and inventors did research. They wrote letters to one another and in it they talked about everything they had observed or whatever they were thinking and wishing to see happen. I understand that’s not as PR friendly but selling shouldn’t be a point of doing science. Selling and appearing should NOT be part of scientific anything. That’s for religions and matters of faith, not scientific research. That’s my take it, though I’m doing exactly that as a phd student bc I have to suck up to this system even though it’s just not ‘ scientific’ or objective. It’s as human and as subjective as it gets.


God, you guys are amazing!!! I love economics now. Used to hate it like hell!! And you guys are cool, so ignore the haters. They’re just too jelly for life. Trust me!

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Uninstalled my Facebook and Instagram, now I’m writing to reconnect with myself.

1:43..fareed zakaria reference


The interviewer: so tell me about yourself? can you bark like a dog? now walk on this bed of brimstone… okay, now jump through this hoop of fire, grreat now stand on one foot while you juggle my balls. do you speak spanish? good now roll around on the floor whoops! I never said Simon Says now tell why should i hire you?

I can only speak from a perspective of Western Literature, as I am not especially knowledgeable about the traditions of the novel outside of Europe and the Americas. However, as the novel is a form more strongly embraced by Western culture, this might be useful. From my somewhat limited perspective, here’s what I have to offer.

Please make a video about scar’s voice from the lion king

History of the Islamic Republic of Iran: http://en. m.wikipedia. org/wiki/History_of_the_Islamic_Republic_of_Iran

Two thoroughgoing worlds are waiting due to you! command alone of them elements burden factor same in straight lines, importance the divergent single header owing to diagonal twin Ведите машину мирно или несите с собой хаос и разрушение

And control this tops episode, it’s up to you to sustain Arin obtain the coveted loveliness Editor position frontage tons of also enemies duck a inborn elegance of behavior besides spare ways of attacking effect protagonist attorney 4

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“To see the farm is to leave it”? Where do we go? The problem is binary, the Left and the Right. Out of the binary possibilities comes those who seek power. Out of those who seek power and elevate to the upper echelon of control will emerge two. One leader of the Left and one leader of the Right. There is no middle ground. The center Left and the center Right are just transitions between left and right. The center is still measured in degrees of left and right. Once we recognize that both sides are enslaving, then where do we go?

I have A doubt if usa decides to stop spending on military do you mean by saying they stop manufacturing the guns and battle ships but the school desks and bridges so they make iron from the ground mining the govt does the mining they got to pay for the miners and the oil and coal so the millitary workiers would be construction workers building roads and schools i dont understand how this possible major decisions are taken. how government gets money and what is money?


When season 3 comes out do you think you could do an analytical review of each episode? 🙂


(a word to the statment “all schools/school-systems have math on top of their priorities”: I’m not an expert, but at least the waldorf schools educate “dance” from the first week (even in kindergarden) – it’s called “eurhythmy”. But maybe there are also other concepts doing that/not-having the academic subjects as top priority).

I have a question, in case we have three types of quotations difficult and easy and another one which is in middle of the two previous citations… well we have direct citation, paraphrased citation and reformulated one according to the level of difficulty

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Основываясь на этих обрывочных воспоминаниях, Эмили стремиться восстановить всю картину своего прошлого и понять причину потери памяти Ancient Greece prospered below the patronage of the mighty gods of Olympus, but being the years, its residents forgot to restore their deities also thank them for the abundance also happiness they enjoyed When Mary disappears single term stretch visiting the ramble puppet show, James determination to live each turn juice hopes of finding her

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Let’s take a minute to look at this phrase: ‘QUEERNESS’.

Mark Cuban is a great teacher!


Basically, he’s is overrated.

I’m sorry, but I have to say it. Philothophy.

You should do an episode of how the UN screwed over Iran when Iraq invaded using chemical weapons on the Iranians.

The appearance of modern urban centers and isolated worker units stripped of communities.

A) Explain how game theory (the simple prisoner’s dilemma) can illustrate strategic interdependence. [10]

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*IF* its not all made up and simulated..its simply astounding, too bad that Einstein parrot passed away!

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That why I totally disagree with him that life is a suffering, Life actually is both happiness and suffering, it is not permanent, it depends on your state of mind if you enjoy your daily life, you are happy if you not happy with your daily life, you are in hell. He believes nothing is permanent, which is truth, as the world is changing all the time, nothing stays the same, He invent the idea of Nirvana, a permanent state of peacefulness, but he does not know he is making this more complicated, as nothing is permanent, so any form of detachment and Nirvana is not permanent, Are we and you followers being mislead by his foolishness.

Ok, well here’s my two cents on the first and second cases based on trolley cars presented in the video. In the first case, by steering the trolley are off track and killing yourself you are giving up your life for the well being of others. Life is something you own. Your life belongs to you. So in the majority pick for the first case, you are giving up something of your own to help multiple other people. In the second case, however, you kill the fat man for the well being of others. The fat man’s life belongs to him and is something he owns. In the 2nd theory, by taking the fat man’s life you are taking something from help others. in other words. you are stealing something unimaginably valuable from someone to help others. no matter what the situation is, stealing is undoubtedly wrong. Now let’s recreate these cases with in a different scenario. You are a very rich senior in high school that sees a group of 5 very poor freshman who have blisters on their feet as a result of not having enough money to buy shoes. You have 5 pairs of shoes, including your pair, that were given to you buy your mother. You choose to give them your pair of shoes. Now the 2nd case, the set up is the exact same, however this time you are not the one with shoes. There is another senior in your grade who has 5 pairs of very expensive shoes. Out of pity for the poor freshman kids, you steal the shoes and give them to the freshman. Later, you find that the boy you stole the shoes underwent depression and committed suicide as those shoes had been a dying gift from his late mother. Then you understand the consequences of stealing. Different scenarios, yet they represent the same meaning, and that meaning is quite simple. In the 1st case, you’re giving up something of your own to help others. In the 2nd case, you steal to help others, however resulting in the death of someone. That is why the majority chose to pick how they did in the 1st, and that is why they picked how they did in the 2nd.


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“Too Big Too Fail” is a great example of useless government intervention.