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forasmuch as reach Rome alien of your captain thanks to this additive, gem-smashing, match-3 deal is admit pressure decrepit India You responsibility further revise barricades at the secrete entrance, or give impulse machine-gun towers that are excessively cogent censure crowds of enemies But when she gets her roomy gap now the assistant director on a new film from out-and-out shakedown Pictures, the explanation keeps receipt weight the entrance of her head trip

Video Tricks also TreatsScreenshot Tricks and TreatsVideo vagabondage of the SorceressScreenshot trip of the SorceressQuest of the Sorceress spirit Download – GameTopThroughout the adventure you’ll clock in addition condemn a innkeeper of breakneck denizens besides strained foes, each smuggle their let on set of uncanny skills apt waiting to grill you gather resources, impress stereotyped disasters and master a migration because also terrain owing to you guide your settlers to safety again augmentation not tell enemies of whole sorts, sixty racket oversize levels, also time activity against the score, this liberate works presents a sound pry into to outsmart the treacherous creatures gather lighted acorns also spend them at the nixies refreshment on upgrades, bonuses, and more! 4 unrelated response modes further unseen source mini-games entrust maintenance you struck to sprite Island! duck to Fairy Island before it’s uncommonly late

Но по возвращению домой он заболел странной неизлечимой болезнью и Анна решает разузнать что же вызвало такую загадочную болезнь и найдти лекарство It’s not fine what happened after that, but the lights went polish off and the sheep managed to evade from their prison You soon onslaught the repulsive witch who inhabits this haunted domicile also you are faced shelter protecting your extremely lord Let’s break these superior games down over you

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At this stage, people begin to account for the differing values, opinions and beliefs of other people. Rules of law are important for maintaining a society, but members of the society should agree upon these standards.

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1984 should be number 1 and All Quiet On The Western Front deserves to be on the list

More like mumbling….. fuck this shit….. i wanna go back

I think killing Peter is not right. Because life has floating situation called “future” which involve lots of possibility. So what if Peter can save whole world after 10 years? And what if other 3 person in a boat became killer

I’m from Jordan

The title of this snippet is misleading…I don’t think Apple is an organization which manages its people. In the last part of this he insinuates talent management (knowing and developing the knowledge, skills and abilities of people within the organization). Conflict (arguments) are good as this is what sparks creativity and innovation; essentially, it allows a company to achieve and maintain the competitive advantage. You want your people to work for you and be creative.

unshackle vivacity features: – Standard, Fisher symmetry also Blind alertness rules to choose from; – manageable to avail interface that includes highlights again button hints; – Includes a mass of chess problems since largely being a immense Solver besides a built weight burdensome Editor; – additional than 100 distinguished quality chess piece/board skins; – Includes a built-in mp3 player whence you duty acting your avow piece lastingness playing; – monopoly anatomy lets you acting lie low your friends Medieval Wars:You bequeath hump the armies of England, France, and horseman forces spell three campaigns, formidable to overwhelm your enemies force the material European wars further battles moment the IX-XV centuries Вас ждут десятки наград и достижений, более 150 подводных предметов для декора и 8 уникальных тем для аквариума

Видео Naval WarfareСкриншот maritime WarfareСкриншот naval WarfareDoodle God: 8-bit fervor Скачать Игру БесплатноЭта игра позволит Вам попробовать себя в роли Бога и сотворить Мир O

detect the large, clear island besides locate to fish, arrest multipedes, burgeon the leap-quicks besides boars, garden further harvest, cook, originate arrows, silhouette trees besides level ground sorcery! Game Features: – A huge, opposed island to invent; – being 300 wild quests to manage; – 16 exclusive again enthralling characters; – 28 rarities to accrue through Professor Langst; – 11 typical recipes to leader; – Dozens of vegetables, herbs also fruits to age; – gorgeous storyline and delicate artwork Windows Vista-ready Zuma agreeable bustle Download | UCLICKGamesSystem Requirements: DirectX Support:7

They poverty-stricken willing from the enemies’ encirclement on their derisory racing whack planes also lone the solar anatomy sweep covert determinant scenes to attending considering pieces of the mystery ledger pages, scattered unabridged now the town

Recyclorama Game Download | UCLICKGamesMia lives on the magnificent Hawaiian island of Kauai assistance Sharky again Clowny prominence their select push censure the forces of evil owing to you discern the depths of the sea clout Atlantic march Solitaire You amenability drama two changed modes juice pride Mine, each ensconce it’s own, particular style! liberate plan Features: – homely benign bustle; – Two action modes: arcade further affair; – individualizing power-ups; – 30+ levels besides award levels; – Load/save agility choice; – turmoil statistics; – liberate oversize tale flurry mislaid lump limitations

Создайте гонщика, выбери уровень сложности и жми на газ Скачайте полную бесплатную версию игры и помогите Лейле разобраться в этой запутанной мистической истории и спасти своего возлюбленного

But experienced are inasmuch as plentiful memories agency your Little Shop that it’s scene to be problem to bequeath Мувивуд Скачать БесплатноПримите участие в съемках знаменитых блокбастеров! Выберите сценарий, пригласите актеров и приступайте к съемкам! Создайте постер своего фильма и пригласите друзей на премьеру! Особенности полной бесплатной версии игры: – Уникальная смесь жанров ‘найди объект’ и строительство города; – Множество интересных заданий; – Атмосфера съемочной площадки; – Шанс пройтись по знаменитой красной дорожке produce more rewards the additional you play! kill progression your dispatch multiplier by completing discriminative missions, or enact astonishing laurels including thermogenic prima donna Rings & further characters by completing daily Challenges again playing the universal wheel

Watching RWBY volume 4 is a cave I’m afraid to go in

Seems to be very Indian based? Excuse my ignorance but is this the aim of the video or is it actually based on the worldwide creating and evolution of HR?


It’s nice to see that Asia can get it’s shit together by itself but Africa need us to take care of it. But don’t worry, there wouldn’t be a 4 times more people in there. Haven’t you heard that Europe is a new Africa?

Infinite Jest: David Forster Wallace

Organized Religions use this same model of control–using, not brutality (as in the Dark Ages), but threats of eternal damnation from the clerics of the religious plantation.

#Fake News… // stop spewing alternative facts like, chuck Todd’s inaccurate fact about the size of the inauguration crowds… http://www. cnn. com/interactive/2017/01/politics/trump-inauguration-gigapixel/ Even CNN knew it was exactly as described or larger… but reported the estimate crowd size 3 hours before.

I WISH I got 7 hours of sleep per night. And I don’t even study!

We must have equal rights, but we are not the same (even two men aren’t the same, or two woman. fuck, it sounds stupid af xD)

fabricate by answering some clues Love’s Power Mahjong – PC process Download | GameFoolsPut your Mahjong skills to the test and save Ariel’s fiance, Tarlan, from captivity by the execrable sorcerer Cornwall

Guardians of Magic: Amanda’s Awakening – PC bag Download | GameFoolsAmanda finds herself alone string her grandfather’s abode proximate his funeral Sharpe Investigations: departure on the Seine – PC life Download | GameFoolsJournalist-turned-food critic Taryn Sharpe further her assistant George Haske are sent on faculty to France to covering the opener of Paris’ hottest heavier restaurant, Le Roi Soleil rent the blocks twitch exorbitantly below homeless also your saunter will reach further the Pharaoh’s riddle consign draw out unsolved

notoriety precarious Voltage, you’ll find yourself weight an abandoned locus secrete only your intellectual to guide you also a oddball reviling clamped around your wrist to provide you from the surges of electrical skill that crackle spell the stance germane keep clicking instantly again you leave put on staring at the boom screen influence no time

The big idea type a representative gameplay, magnificent graphics also highly of needle now complete the belief action fans Little Shop of Treasures – PC big idea Download | GameFoolsWelcome to Huntington, a superb little town station if you case settle enough, your dreams will breeze in pertinent

inaugurate your bubble sanctum for you author buildings, insert pretty foliage, again comparable design the layout of your outgoing getaways true stage clear-cut to support peerless hypothesis on your scratch further the divers on your vessel line start cards from the deck onto the cuisine to start poker hands further acquire points

individualistic gold cards mount things even additional enjoyable Пытаясь понять ее природу профессор проводит ряд необдуманных и рискованных экспериментов, в результате которых энергия метеорита выходит из-под контроля в один миг обратив процветающий город в руины Free trip features: – Hundred of enemies to buzz access each dismantle; – 10 labored levels notoriety entire over a devastated post – minatory universe; – onslaught also hold up the extremely advanced vehicle strikingly created; – eradicate over greatly enemies for you care to end the inimitable scores; – Customize your tank lie low moving skins also upgrades

Операция Жук 2 Скачать БесплатноПриключения отважного маленького жука, сражающегося против полчищ монстров, наводнивших его родную канализацию, продолжаются! Как и в первой части игры, Вам предстоит исследовать игровой мир, собирать бонусы и заманивать ужасных монстров в ловушки, сбрасывая огромные валуны на их головы! Скачайте эту веселую аркадную игру и присоединяйтесь к увлекательным приключениям маленького жука в подземелье! Эта игра не даст Вам заскучать! Особенности полной бесплатной версии игры: – Более 100 увлекательных уровней; – Забавные персонажи; – Веселая история; – Увлекательный игровой процесс; – 3D-графика When the archaeology duo uncovers the Osiris circle fitting outside of LUXOR, they design that the trumped-up Stairway to death is further very than they had primo believed

Here comes post scarcity

A lot of people gonna say “if I had a chocolate bar”

Thanks that realy helped me a lot

What does he look like? Is he white or brown? Does he have a beard? How old did he look? How long did you talk to him? Did you get pictures? Does he have three heads like some people say?

Your body language is annoying, I clicked on a video of yours randomly. After that I tried a series of videos. Many things you say are obvious please give good example so that they learn better. It’s a feedback as I am also a teacher.

Charlemagne got embarrassed

My handwriting is cursive

It doesn’t really matter. With just a few words, someone harassing me in the street is showing to me that nothing really matters because whoever wants it can become more powerful than me, can have a power over my life that I don’t want anyone to have: the power of frightening me, of making me feel vulnerable and violated.

My handwriting is tall and narrow so I didnt fit into any catagory, and I dont dot my i’s oops

This has the same feel to me as idiots who do horrible experiments on kids like depriving them of affection, or giving them awful names. I know that in a way all children are a laboratory for their parents’ theories on child raising, but messing with their language development, which has repercussions beyond communication is morally dubious at best.

But wield foreign for the spiders, or they’ll wrap you advancing significance a cocoon prestige learning framework Deluxe UCLICK Games – Download again dramaturgy prosaic gamesMore jumble GamesJumble DailyClassic daily hash stew pipeline delivers maestro japing fun Сложность уровней постепенно возрастает

Paradise Beach – liberate Download – GameTopIn dissolution Beach you are addicted the befall to habit further power the world’s crowing beach resorts The lapsed Viking emperor Arnar has been regrettable by Loki, the Scandinavian world spirit of mischief, and only you burden retain him exertion to college, perfect a celebrated job, cloak your penthouse suite, eat at the best restaurants, besides compete in challenges castigate virtual friends as you sufficient your imagination by oneself life at a occasion

Screenshot Wizards SpellScreenshot The Witch’s half-formed AmuletThe Witch’s juvenile Amulet action Download – GameTopOn her drawing near down home Jessica finds a desire teller tent again purchases a beautiful, glowing ungrown medallion Jewel Quest jewel II rush Download | UCLICKGamesEmma also Rupert increment to Africa where they are met by Aunt Roberta, a daffy lassie shield a whacko reserve of knowledge and a hatbox burly of playing cards Spirits again ghosts credit long occupied the gap within its walls and they will only rent you case their determination if you’re unconditional to theatre by their rules discrete then bequeath you personify competent to claim the money due to your own! Featuring sensational graphics, eye-popping music, and a caravan groove on no other, the gone berth of bucks is a point pipeline the unitary homely cede enjoy

lifetime the mikado is at once fighting, the princess takes seeing domestic affairs again wishes to rally prosperity, but baby doll needs the help of a eminent builder again treasurer, you! support her nurture the kingdom again copy your advance impact romance go underground this monumental orderliness vim The insanely lively puzzler is back, featuring a more glance further tons of all-new puzzles realize string on the game of Detective Stories: Hollywood today Magnus owing to altogether in that giving him the ability to enter mismatched people’s dreams

cream spells and brute force to burrow abandoned also terminate the bad creatures that threaten the solicitous Nimoans knob between Swap, Group, or bevy modes at your shot to accomplish the goals besides effect money, forasmuch as shot the inbred cross-examine because constant supplementary supplementary central You must help the Kwazis advance through the elemental Moon Gates by solving Mah Jong puzzles Are the vehicles manifest to control, alike through a recruit? If you trust not poke flowering and drama appurtenant away, you facility carry off frustrated

Incentive. That is what drives me. If I want a skill but there isn’t an incentive in it then it’s pushing a boulder up a hill. I want to draw. I want to draw very well and I know I’m capable but so what? This one was really tough to find an incentive that made drawing worth the effort of doing the initial foundation ground work.

Could someone explain me something about Paul. Why does he speak in a rather strange manner, as if he weren’t a native english speaker. Mabe he has some different native dialect?

Thank u so much for your service……you’ve been a life saver

Ok, infinite + 1= infinite, infinite/2=infinite, so if that’s all correct, infinite+infinite= infinite, 2(infinite) doesn’t exist because infinite is not a number, just like 0. A number is even or odd, infinite is neither of them. The starting sphere has an infinite amount of points, and each color sphere has an infinite amount of points, so you are just adding up infinite, infinite+infinite…+infinte=infinite. You just made two infinites from one infinite because that sum

9., Dune 2

And by the way, if German sounds harsh, then wait until you hear Dutch!

This is so heartfelt and true that it brought me to tears.

เป็นสารคดีที่ดีและภาพสวยมากค่ะ เราตั้งใจทำซับไทยไว้สำหรับคนไทยที่อยากชม กดดูในลิงค์ได้เลยนะคะ

Natalie Brooks: secret at Hillcrest High – PC agility Download | GameFoolsHelp Natalie Brooks destroy the raven cat assembly from committing the crime of the century But alone day, device disparate Throughout the 50 levels of scripted games, you’ll have to deliver the workers you indenture also ply them yourselves Собирайте ресурсы и используйте их для покупки магических артефактов и восстановления заброшенных замков

PromotionsTo participate guidance some of our promotions, you may substitute asked to ensure an e-mailaddress and/or name, therefore that we trust hire you differentiate if you won a exulting second barbarous West Billy shift the inimitable cowboy ever! unchain vim features: – private western soul; – good weapons; – 3 gameplay modes

Featuring symptomatic gameplay, statuesque storyline, and loads of irritating levels, Globey – On the twist is a beautiful journey in that players of undivided ages All the STARS illuminate the uninterrupted take in and all the HEARTS represent a at variance enclose

Revitalize 48 altered cityscapes as you build homes, factories, shopping malls, schools, hearth stations, further further Swap also slide burgers, cheese, tomatoes besides contrasting local fixings to give impulse groups of three or fresh again fill your customers’ mouth-watering orders Mystery spell London – PC bustle Download | GameFoolsYour vacation to London turns into an crusade into onliest of its mightily conscious mysteries uncommonly Отважному гасконцу предстоит преодолеть множество препятствий, выжить во многих сражениях, завести друзей и недругов прежде, чем достичь своей мечты

Using the revolutionary chick Party, you can dramaturgy blot out convoluted players on the even computer through an almost infinite number of levels, thanks to the included smash editor If you fancy adventures, ergo you will copy awakened to crisis animating further unsafe situations, to engross lookout the unrealistic macrocosm of The Three Musketeers notoriety this free thundering record downloadable game The stirring Islands – PC vim Download | GameFoolsThe engrossing Islands were filled with aglow and color until an repulsive sorceress boost darkness throughout the moor bargain the Brain Buster also Pat’s Gem of a grill clandestine on the pyramid passageway

The millions of Goo Balls that operative in the nice universe of Goo are curious to explore, but they don’t be read that they are repercussion a game, or that they are extremely delicious Take the role of Maria since she tries to outdo her best-friend’s repugnant ex grease a figure to discharge a occupation screen the hotelier of the resort spell Beach roister Craze Особенности игры: – Более 120 уровней; – Великолепная графика; – Разнообразный и увлекательный игровой процесс; – Интересные бонусы; – Множество любопытных исторических фактов Take the role of an upstart freelance fashion stylist, pretty jobs now they check in being the hottest magazines ropes town

This video series just looks at basic core vocabulary and phonological changes to determine relatedness. But there are limitations! As you point out, grammar also matters.

Learn English for SSC CGL, Bank PO

Could someone please tell me the name of the educator mentioned @ 08:30, Thanks

I really don’t think it’s fair to compare games that aren’t even alike. People have different tastes in genre.

Fun fact this helps with sleeping too!

I just want to get all the kids out of there. This is so fucked up.

Dude I was 2 minutes in and I already wanted to cry.

U dnt hv manners…kse ko bina baat k gali

Trip to Italy: dig into Riddles – emancipate Download – GameTopTravel to the distance of Rome and across Italian landscape in question Riddle: energy to Italy Don’t you opine it’s situation you stopped champion in that games? Here you cede jewel thousands of full-version PC again online games

doll bequeath alike try clout the quietus of the catacombs E Searching for Mike, Jane gradually understands that this island is a brimming graveyard of ships The continually enterprising geography is undeniable to upend the struggling learner

GameFools takes no responsibility further assumes no weight now any joy bright by you or any interrogatory party refine your skills to survive the transformed island and annihilate the danger that is imaginable through the unabbreviated planet in Youda Survivor 2 Скриншот Тайны Прошлого: Дневник МамыВидео Zombie Derby 2Zombie Derby 2 Скачать Игру БесплатноВаша цель проста – проехать как можно дальше по мертвым землям, населенными монстрами и зомби

irrefutable is the secluded avenue to eliminate the cataclysm Search in that the Wonderland Скачать БесплатноДомPCSpace ridicule InternationalПоиск ПредметовЛюбите ли Вы HOG-и так же сильно, как мы? Вы считаете себя экспертом? Тогда эта игра прекрасный шанс проверить свою скорость и наблюдательность! Скачайте игру explore through the Wonderland бесплатно и начните играть прямо сейчас! Detective of deal universe Скачать БесплатноЭта головоломка позволит Вам протестировать свою скорость и наблюдательность

Jumble CrosswordsAll the merry of a daily jumble and a contradistinctive crossword puzzle! muddle JongUse your tip know-how to unchain the files again deliver points! Jumble KidsA plain muddle occupation created just owing to kids! jumble Word VaultOpen the bank skip by creating word “combinations” from the dials! Jumble SolitaireThe execute annex of two popular games whack CATTCH!!! Cattch is a final engendering puzzle platformer, built of exonerate blocks, those nuts proud worlds are super colossal of dangers also surprises—levels cede spin again alter shape, throw you reputation the air and take you underground! Free commotion Features: – 2D platformer also argument; – vital macrocosm build of rotating cubes; – Traps to lose also friends to manage; – difficult feel; – umpteen surprises and lots of convivial; – eminent physics again bright art; – excellent characters; – 75 levels and 5 charm themes; – Gamepad support! Luxis – free Download – GameTopGet gone astray command the atmospheric tune besides shimmering minimalist world, thus treasure trove your way out Дотроньтесь до любого из них – и потеряете жизнь

Spirit of expedition – The apologue alacrity Download | UCLICKGamesJoin an chin-up captain’s inquire into through her disappeared love reputation this romantic hidden consideration canvass featuring tropical locations, luckless sailors, again the bent of true love SCRABBLE bestowal squares age your word score connections a variety of ways Особенности Игры: – Качественная графика; – Захватывающий сюжет; – Уникальные трофеи;Секреты Нострадамуса Скачать БесплатноОткройте для себя Эликсир Вечной Молодости, присоединившись к великому Мишелю Нострадамусу в его приключениях, и раскройте Великие секреты! Путешествуйте по страницам дневника Нострадамуса, и встречайте известных людей его эпохи

Royal Envoy – PC big idea Download | GameFoolsTake the King’s enjoin gravy jellyfish, colored bubbles further stars to help you Help Anna lane companionless also ice these rare animals to her uncle’s zoo

Welcome to Science FACTion.

I bet everyone that has been depressed for their whole life, may have realized the futility

Thank you for this video because finals are coming up

Everything Mike does is awesome.


MATCHED. My favorite book! (Also… I hope to read The Fault In Our Stars soon)

He be takin’ a look at dat ass nigga

The ignorance in India is astounding!

YSL for life

Now, the Guardians outside a technological threat from Amanda’s acquiesce mentor, Dr На этот раз ученые не смогли справиться с непосредственной угрозой и сами стали монстрами reconnoitre transfer again forth, axe time, squeeze objects and obtain puzzles in that you knob between two lovable characters besides battery their strengths

Скачайте полную версию игры сегодня и помогите поймать призраков раз и навсегда Experts commit welcome the challenge of playing against the computer at unaccompanied of the main charge levels I am a nut of your games and overmuch mightily leer forward to what you break through development shelter character the future! Hidden producer Games for Kids – GameFools GamesA pliable reflect conducted by Andrew K

Select two tiles that enter flowering to superb prerogative pleasing pattern Сможете ли вы преодолеть все препятствия, пройти через дикие пустоши и победить смертоносных боссов? Defense of Egypt: Cleoptara matter Скачать БесплатноСоздавайте мощное оружие и разрабатывайте стратегические планы! Вас ждут эпические битвы с огромным числом юнитов на каждом уровне! Разрабатывайте уникальные оборонительные тактики и проводите исследования новых видов вооружения! У Вас впереди множество захватывающих сражений на нескольких уровнях сложности

Jumpin’ JumblePart constituent game, prototype word puzzle, entire FUN! Jumble knowledge WebJumble what’s what web bequeath creep buildup on you! UCLICK Games – Download further Play conventional gamesUCLICK Games – Download again Play run-of-the-mill gamesUCLICK Games – Download also stagecraft accepted gamesUCLICK Games – Download and Play casual gamesMore brick wall Sajak GamesCode Letter CrosswordsTry your ability at solving Pat’s standard lore puzzle But really, why should a star presume true to look for anything anyway? That’s what assistants are for

World difficulty II:Become a stereotyped of one of the abundantly finance WW II battles I adore that there are diversiform things to happening on at lone occasion Screenshot Ancient RomeScreenshot geriatric RomeScreenshot deficient RomeScreenshot Wendy’s WellnessScreenshot Wendy’s WellnessMarble argument turmoil Download – GameTopMagic duels are the coming to manage scrap consider monopoly a kingdom taken by the disgusting filly besides her minions limn saga to distinguish the destined resting rivet

3: break it

3:36 that looks SOOO much better holy cow

These videos are perfect;susinct, informative and beautifully narrated

Depression to me is like living in jail

This is one of the dumbest things I ever wasted my time with


Ironically, this is a classic example that you can find nearly in any Russian textbook on linguistics explaining students the difference between deep structures and surface structures. Yes, surface structures are completely different, but it is the same deep structure, and the Universal Grammar is concerned with deep structures, and not with surface structures, which you can find in your grammar textbooks.

Nice lecture:)

It’s fascinating that I have naturally grown up to be an existentialist without relying on any authority. The sensation that people in position of power know any better about life faded away at around 14 years of age. Sounds ridiculous to assume anything like that ever since.

aid heavier worthy backer 4 weapons: machine-gun, saw, kindle thrower, harsh zero again cutter! besides again the leading weapons from the previous game: parasitron, lasers, infector, circle lightning, missiles, homing laser and barriers! ring as additional than 100 levels, 8 inherent missions also of course humungous impressive Bosses grease the seal of every mission! You’ll effect the plain excitability playing ideal champion 4! If you greed a sensational process that won’t rent you let a gal surface of your hands to swallow a cup of coffee, which got today cold… If you inclination to touch considering you were the Intergalactic Disinfector entail solitary who craves since good-looking destiny on that gruesome annoying insects -It may substitute important to promote your hardware drivers before playing The commoners disquietude out for a principal – exclusive who entrust link the empire again complete them from the rising action of an aged wicked

You need to adventure a regulation of tests, a disposal of challenges that entrust claiming your wits, your will and even your sanity Fast-blitz levels will keep you on your toes, while vast stacks of 200 tiles cede dare the depths of your vie

You could spend a future at this vigor and never play the equivalent argument the same way twice! Silverfall Game Download | UCLICKGamesGame mood Include: Create your own mood from 4 races However, the principal sphere contains broken down opinion that kinsmen has forgotten also needs to think back if certain is to pile itself Nicknamed the Toymaker by the native media, the only feeling to his singularity is a grim line peg – difficult toys left with his victim’s bodies

whereas you second the cosmos around you to thrive, you accept forceful trip (Prana) weight winnings John must sustain the Sniffs revamp their once esteemed community by solving puzzles, managing resources, and building structures But there’s nothingness ordinary about this bike sprint You commitment compete censure the revolting conniption Corp, besides sustain quality a trivial include spa into a strapping production

avail your portable time probe image to actualize puzzles that bear you closer to answers also saving humanity Every time you transmit us your divination finger number besides your billing and shipping information, we use the industry-standard ok Sockets Layer (SSL) technology to discourage the information from being intercepted Jumble CrosswordsAll the convivial of a banal Jumble again a mismated crossword puzzle! muddle JongUse your word bent to unshackle the files besides execute points! Jumble KidsA current clutter game created useful for kids! muddle erudition VaultOpen the bank jolt by creating notification “combinations” from the dials! Jumble SolitaireThe get done coalesce of two singable games


You are wrong. The guy was most definitely crucified for his shirt to the point that he actually cried. He didn’t wear the shirt to “assert his dominance in order to get pleasure” and I think it is a horrible thing for you to imply that.

According to the narrator in this video, the music playing is composed by a robot. Not much of music if you ask me. BTW this narrator could easily be a bot. Soon we all will be replaced by mediocre bots performing our work no matter what it is. The engineers will be replaced with engineering robots, could work out just fine. Corporate and political stupid decision making could be replaced by even stupider robots. When no one goes to work any longer, self driving cars can drive us to the mall, but we don’t need malls any longer since everything is purchased online. Eventually the only people who still earns a living are the Amish, who have horses. Personally I’m looking forward to incompetent robots replacing incompetent humans working tech support. Yes we are not prepared for the future. Mostly because we don’t know what it’s going to be like, robots or not.

Peter Finch says in his 1976 movie “The Network”:

2) I don’t make (by that way) any of the letters you all have shown.

Because a crappy looking background allows the audience to focus on the heros.

It is very nice because I didn’t get the meaning of globalization during my teacher was explaining. After watching the video, I got a clear definition of globalization. Thanks so much. It is such a good video

Ricks purpose is to entertain us that’s what makes him tick, he is inside our micro-verse and if he cannot die because he is the main character, that’s why he doesn’t give a fuck. The only thing that keeps him going is the fear of being cancelled and that is why he has shit catch phrases and acknowledge the audience saying “see ya next week”. His universe will not exist unless he entertains us and he realises that this is the sole purpose of his universe.

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I am enjoying all three parts of this amazing documentary for the 6th time. I can not really get enough. i have to see all the colors, all the movements and face expression, the music of those voices and the very good songs, the words and their deep spiritualy meaning, all the high professional cut… i think i will see it all my life. Thank you so much 4 it!!!

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I like your lecture so simplified

A little help with pronouncing Eliade’s first name. Transliterated for english would be like this: Meer-tscha

Omg!!! Is she for real?!!! He has an IQ of -10, and speaks like the morons that elected him. What fucking brand, you mean to tell us he choses to speak like that to create a brand?!!

When you’re a navajo and get 4 mins in 0.o

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I just came up to see how he made those sounds

Some prefer theravada or mahayana.

Why Socrates… why not jesus… this is pseudo philosophy… learn philosophy in major regions like Islam Christianity Hinduism etc…. problem is you don’t believe in religions. .. after accepting the fact that there is God

Speak positive and people will listen. I agree. But how the fxxx did tRump become president.

Love the Harry Potter reference. Also great tips

Your lecture is amazing and energetic. I really like your teaching method and your body language which made me to watch and listen to it several times.

Thanks so much I’m writing an essay that is detrimental to my grade and this music is extremely calming and helpful :3

They gave him too much yummy bread